Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Karpal Tidak Mahu Minta Maaf, Anggap Pemimpin PAS Tidak Faham Bahasa Inggeris


 Pas leaders ignorant, don't understand English, says DAP chairman

TANAH MERAH: THE spat between Pas leaders and DAP national chairman Karpal Singh is beginning to boil over, with the veteran politician unfazed by calls for him to apologise.
This comes in the wake of an ultimatum issued to him to apologise within five days following his controversial statement on race-based parties to be deregistered.

Yesterday, Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah joined in the fray and said Karpal should apologise if he had indeed suggested the deregistration of the Islamic party.

However, Amar said the party did not give much thought to the statement as it was Karpal's opinion.
"This is his own perspective. The statement did not represent DAP or Pakatan," he said after the opening of the CMNM Mining Group Sdn Bhd's golddust smelting and processing plant in Sokor yesterday.

Amar was commenting on a statement by Pas national Youth vice-chief Dr Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaacob that, based on a recording of Karpal's press conference in Penang on Nov 5, the DAP stalwart had called for the Islamic party's deregistration.

Karpal has since dismissed demands for him to apologise.

He said the demand by some "misguided and ignorant leaders in Pas" in issuing him the ultimatum was outlandish and unwarranted, and that he would stand by what he had said.
Karpal said his detractors in Pas were also ignorant of the English language.

"I am surprised that some Pas leaders, who are obviously ignorant of the English language, have openly come out to criticise my call. In my press conference, which was in English, I had provided a caveat in the Pas' case by saying that it could open its doors to other races as it has non-Muslim supporters who were not direct members.

"This clearly takes Pas out of the shooting range of race-based political parties."

Karpal said Raja Ahmad had relied on an incomplete recording and owed the public an apology for misleading them.

On Pas' vice-president, Mahfuz Omar, Karpal said: "I hope those in Pas who understand English can explain it to the ignorant in the party, including Mahfuz, what I had said at the press conference .

"The question of apologising does not, and cannot, arise. There will be no apology and I will not entertain any idle demands by misguided Pas leaders."


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Actually Ketua pemuda Pas dont understand english....Oh ! my english hekhekhek

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Itu baru nama nya keling master singh putar alam SO PAS ADA BERANI KAAAH. Ssial punya sing